P2P for Surveillance Eliminates Port Forwarding and Static IP’s

Setup a security DVR without port forwarding

For years, cctv camera systems have been dependent on port forwarding in order to allow remote access to the security DVR. This has posed a challenge for many small businesses that do not have IT staff. Accessing routers and configuring advanced port forwarding rules seems complicated for the average user. Now with the introduction of P2P to DVR systems, setting up remote access is a much simpler process.

To access the DVR on the web, setup is now only a three step process.

Step 1 – Open the settings menu on the DVR and enable the P2P function.

Step 2 – Browse to the P2P website(each brand will have their own) and create an account

Step 3 – Login in to the P2P website and add your DVR to the device list by simply filling in the serial number and username/password

Now that this is setup, you simply browse to the P2P website whenever you want to view your DVR, log into the website and click on your DVR to live view or access recordings.

P2P DVR on mobile devices

Mobile devices have become a popular way to connect to surveillance systems. P2P has made it simple for connecting these devices to DVR’s.

Setup mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and android devices in two easy steps

Step 1 – Download the DVR’s mobile app from the app store

Step 2 – Add your DVR to the app by simply scanning the QR code provided on the P2P settings page of the DVR or from the label on the DVR

QR Code QR Code on Device

To start using P2P today, check out the Maxvision DVR’s or IP Cameras


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How to Protect Your House from Criminals

For a person to feel that his or her property being completely safe from being attacked or robbed from the criminals, the one and the only way is to have a continuous look over them. This method of viewing over the property or person is known as surveillance systems.  This type of surveillance systems is followed commonly across the world and has proven to have a very good success rate. The camera security systems has been safe guarding the banking sectors for the past couple of decades and have proven the use of it with the less number of crimes at the banks. With the success seen from the bank sectors, government decided to follow the same camera security systems even for the other sectors in the country to protect them from being robbed. If the camera security systems have to work well for a system, the technical part of the camera security systems must be a strong, in the means that it must have good storage and power system to support their working.

The surveillance systems that uses the camera security systems are said to have high success rates and among the different types of cameras used in the camera security systems, IP cameras and wireless cameras have been used in more places due to the advantages they posses over the other types of cameras like the bullet and dome cameras that are used in some places. There are special cameras that are designed in order to have a very good sight even during the night time and for helping them out in the night is the infrared light source. They help in producing a good image even during the nights since they have the capacity to look through the darks. It is also wiser to use surveillance systems that operate only during the time that they need to be operated. That is, the cameras can be made to operate only when there is a movement in front of the camera. This type of surveillance systems are used in the wildlife photography’s where the cameras are need only to be active when there is a movement of wildlife’s. But these of surveillance systems cannot be used in the places where there are constant movement like in the banks and public places where the movements occur continuously.

There are even security system gadgets that are in the miniature sizes that can give a very good video coverage of the surrounding and they are becoming popular and popular day by day since they are been used in uncovering the frauds that are done by many people. These types of sting operations are done by media persons in bring out the truth to the public. Thus surveillance systems are now been used a tool in uncovering the truths of people even if they hold a very high position in the society. The systems thus help out the people in grabbing the people who do the crimes in front of everyone like the robbing and also the bribes done by high level peoples.

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Surveillance System

The security camera systems or also known as the closed circuit television is installed every public places nowadays to provide a more secure environment to the public. The uses of the security camera systems are in more than one way and the main purpose being the security and crime prevention. Is it naturally impossible for the cops to take charge of the entire system and keep an eye on each and every citizen in the city and guard them and hence security camera systems help them a lot in providing a round the clock security without physically being present. With the help of the surveillance systems, the cops can how have an eye on the city and if a crime does happens in a place, they can be notified and can be at the crime scene at once and can help the people. The security camera systems are even now installed in the public transports like the buses and trains to ensure that the thefts do not occur even in them. All these systems make the citizens in the city to feel safe and secure than living in the cities that do not have such systems.

With the high level securities being provided to the citizens, they also demand some features to be met in order to function properly. First and foremost being that they provide a 24 hours security to the public and for this to be accomplished, the security camera systems needs 24 hours power supply to them to work. The surveillance systems must work even at the time of power cut and hence the surveillance systems must be operated on the batteries rather than a power line and also for the system to be powered with batteries, they must be able to operate them for long time. For all these to be achieved, the surveillance systems must be developed such that they consume a very little power and operate for longer duration.

Hence good surveillance systems are in the hand of the manufactures that develop the cameras and must make sure that all the criteria for surveillance systems are met. An important area where the surveillance systems are in great use apart from the security purpose is the transport system of the country. The cameras are installed in every corner of the streets and help in monitoring the transportation. They help in capturing the accidents and the reason for them and they also help in making sure that the victims get immediate medical helps. Since the need of surveillance systems is needed even for personal use in homes, there are number of such cameras being manufactured for the domestic usage. The surveillance cameras are basically classified into two named based on their connectivity to the sinks, namely wired cameras and the wireless cameras. The former being used in the places where a permanent positioning like in the case of transportation. Whereas the former type can be relocated based on the needs of the users and are mainly used by the common people.

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Need for Surveillance Systems

The biggest trouble that a government faces apart from the economical crisis is the act of the criminals. In order to control the number of such acts even though completely stopping them is virtually impossible for the government, surveillance systems are deployed. The surveillance systems ensure that the police can have a close look at the crime site and can help catching the criminals. The need of surveillance systems is in each and every office since each office has their own private area that has to be safe guard from the thieves and criminals. Even though in most cases it is the government that uses these cameras deployed in the public areas like the subways, parks and streets, the private sectors are also using them lately to reduce the occurrence of the crimes. The security camera systems are deployed in every hotels and apartments that you look around from the event of robbery. The security camera systems not just help in the case of robbery and other crime but in some cases can help in giving a clue to incident like a fire accidents.

The security camera systems are made a mandatory across every streets in the western countries like the United States and the Europe by the government and it is also been part of every important public places across the developing and under developed countries. The security camera systems are widely used in financial organizations and shops since they are the one that are often interrupted by the criminals than the houses. The security camera systems are been the most helpful witnesses in number of cases and has served in solving numerous cases and catching the actual criminal.

A survey across the different countries in the world proves that the countries with good surveillance systems are the one that has a lesser amount of crimes recorded than those who do not have surveillance systems or with poor surveillance systems. It is also to be noted that the usage of a surveillance systems also requires a good subsystems like a good storage capacity and a good transfer medium. Since the image captured has to transfer to a local device and the details have to be stored, it needs a good storage device. For a continuous video coverage to be stored in a storage system it needs very high capacity hard disks in the case of a normal video coverage since the security camera systems cannot afford such high storage systems, it has to be compressed and changed to digital forms for lesser memory.

In some cases, the coverage of incidence requires a more secure way of covering and capturing the criminals. These types of cameras are named as the hidden cameras and even though they do not directly come under the surveillance systems, they do serve an important role in bringing out the criminals. These types of surveillance cameras are used by the media persons for operating stings and bringing out big personals like the politicians and sports persons to the media and punishing them for their offence.

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Use of Surveillance System

Even though the governments across the different countries in the world are aware of the need of surveillance systems especially that of the video surveillance systems, only few of them such the United States and Europe have installed them. It does not mean that the other countries do not want them to be installed in the public places but the economical conditions of the country do not allow them to. The video surveillance systems are an important part of any country security system because they can stop the work of the criminals and also help in grabbing them even if they do occur. The surveillance systems at present are mainly based on the usage of a good digital camera that can capture the image of the place and convert them into digital signals and deliver to the places that require them for investigation.

The video surveillance systems use different types of cameras based on the requirements in the areas and in most cases the wireless camera system and the IP camera systems are employed. These cameras can severe as an important tool in places like home and offices from a general purpose to professional levels. The method of usage is simple yet powerful to ensure a safety surrounding. The surveillance systems that use the above two types of cameras first involves in converting the signals to a format that can be transferred to a local device like a computer or a laptop. The transfer of signals occurs based on the IP address of the system and hence the transfer of signals is accurate and error free.

An important advantage of such video surveillance systems is that the message can not only be passed to one local system but can also be broadcast over a number of systems and hence if one system does fail, the other can access the signals and protect the area. Hence in order to secure an area, the person just needs a wireless camera which works on the IP address and a personal system like a laptop. For persons who cannot afford to invest in quite a lot of money in the security system, there are also budget cameras that can serve the purpose of good cameras. The video surveillance systems that come under such category uses the dummy cameras and the bullet cameras both of them can be purchased at a lower cost and at different sizes. And in the case of the dummy cameras, they pose to a real camera that is working but actually does not do any work.

The surveillance systems have crossed the huge barriers that where in the past with the help of the digitization and the invention of cameras that can operate at different conditions. To be noted is that the surveillance systems can increase the protection to a place and can reduce the number of crimes that happen in and around you but cannot actually stop them. There are cases where persons still indulge in the crimes even with the video surveillance systems being present but the systems can help greatly in grabbing the criminals.

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Types of Surveillance Cameras

If a person really wants to safeguard his property as well as his family from the thieves and robbers, security camera systems are a must in both their offices as well as in their houses. From the name security camera systems itself, it gives the clear idea that the security system involves the usage of cameras to safeguard the property and people. The camera security systems are popular all around the world from developed and developing countries to even under developed countries. The camera security systems are found in each and every place that you look around you and in the places where the treat of robbery is high. You can see security camera systems in the shopping malls, super markets, stations, subway and even in offices. When it comes to the security camera systems, there are number of different type of cameras being used, each of them serving their own purposes.

There are number camera security systems around us that can been seen placed in different places. And to name a few, wireless cameras, bullet cameras, dummy cameras, dome cameras, IP cameras and day and night cameras. With just looking at their names, we can come to some conclusion about their usage and purposes. To note a fact the camera security systems do not have all the above cameras in the same place but in some cases more than one type of them are placed based on their usage.

For the camera security systems that use the day and night cameras, they need an infra red light as their source during the night to capture the image. These types of cameras give a very high resolution output and with the high resolution at the hand, the cameras requires a considerable amount of power supply and hence are in most cases found in high risk sectors like the banks and government offices. The use of the security camera systems is not only limited to the high risk and government areas but also for the usage of publics. With people cannot afford huge amounts in such systems, there are cameras that can help them out. The dummy cameras is a budget oriented one where the system actually do not have a camera mounted in them but pose like one being mounted. This system has largely decreased the number of thefts in the houses since robbers fear to enter the homes after seeing them.

Some security camera systems use the wireless cameras and the IP cameras and the latter being a faster growing one in the case of the home surveillance system. The IP cameras works based on transmitting the signal into a digital signal and transferring to a local system like the laptops where the user wants them to. This can be an advantage in the case where the user is on a vacation and wants to know that their house is safe. The camera security systems thus discussed can be surely a boom to the locals in living a safe and secure life than ever.

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Surveillance Camera Systems

With the increase in the crimes especially that of the theft, the need of better surveillance systems has been raised across the world. When it comes to the surveillance systems, the secret hidden cameras play an important role in keeping a track of the surroundings. The system of placing a surveillance camera systems is been made mandatory in all the shops across the world to protect them from being robbed by the thieves. With the surveillance systems using the cameras, it makes it difficult for the robbers to actually escape from the cops even after robbing a shop. With the increase in such activities has also forced the locals to have good surveillance systems to safe guard their property and family from getting into problem. The surveillance camera systems placed in the homes and shops record the places that it is intended to on a continuous basis and stores them or transfers them to security personals. The surveillance systems are been a basic entity in places like the banks and jewelers since they are the one that pose a high risk of being robbed.

But it is also to note is that information from a single surveillance camera is not always enough to tract the culprits hence the surveillance systems must have a group of cameras operating simultaneously to track down the place. Hence for people who use the surveillance camera systems for protecting their house cannot afford in getting more number of cameras to safeguard them and hence the position of the cameras in a home also plays a vital role. In most cases, the cameras are mounted near the doors or the lockers where the money is kept. When it comes to the electrical gadgets like the cameras in surveillance systems, the power for running them continuously throughout the day should also be considered and hence the surveillance camera systems are usually developed such that they run at low power.

The design of low power security cameras also impose a threshold on the clarity of the cameras used in them. With the increase in the resolution of the camera also increase the power consumption of them and hence both have to be balanced while making such security cameras. Most of the security cameras that work in the surveillance systems now has the capacity in just identifying the persons and not more than that and with the video evidence recovered, the cops can increase their image quality with the help of the special services and can grab the culprits.

Thus the cameras play a very important role in day today life for grabbing those who go against the law and companies who are under the business of making such ones ensure that all the above discussed criteria are met while making them. With the surveillance camera systems doing more than just catching the image is been one of the finest and most important gadget that has brought the world to one step safer than before. And it is now been a part of every countries security system right from the small shops to banks.

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Security Surveillance Cameras – The Perfect Way to Secure Your House

The security surveillance systems provide a way of keeping off unnecessary guests and certainly help avert future robberies and thefts from happening inside your premises. With the help of camera security systems, the homeowners can keep an eye on their homes very closely and also monitor on people who visit their place, particularly in places that are targeted by thieves and robbers.

There are different types of surveillance systems made to offer the homeowners a crisp and clear video and audio reception of whatever the camera captured within their premises. Besides customary home surveillance camera, there are other types of camera security systems such as also spy cameras or hidden cameras that are supposed to be mobile devices to be used inside the house and monitored remotely by the owner of the house.

The wired camera security systems will have cables that run for 100 feet long, at least. They also do have brackets that are utilized for mounting the cables over the walls.

The outdoor wireless surveillance systems include various features such as the follows.

  • It will have a DVR that contains channels for monitoring multiple videos.
  • It has a camera that captures both audio and video.
  • It will have hard drive memory to record the videos that are captured by the camera.

Remote video monitoring is a helpful tool for home owners particularly for people who possess other businesses to concentrate apart from watching their own house. They can monitor their house remotely at a safe distance with the help of a handheld receiver. They can also remotely monitor homes using a PC that includes an internet connection.

Surveillance systems require surveillance camera software that is necessary for further video monitoring using a computer.

When you purchase surveillance systems, you must select a system that fits the requirements of your house. For example, if your house is big like a mansion, then you might need more than 1 security camera and monitoring room wherein you can locate all the video, and keep an eye on them from time to time. If your room is similar to apartment rooms, then 2-3 surveillance cameras would be suitable and every floor must be having individual monitoring devices.

If you wish to purchase advanced camera security systems then you can opt for remotely monitored surveillance cameras that include device monitoring.

As a home owner, you can even make use of DVRs or digital video recorders that can be linked to digital video cameras kept hidden inside your house. Such DVRs record videos and archive them directly for later use. You can also transfer those videos to external devices with the help of a camera surveillance software program.

You can purchase the security surveillance camera software online too. They are compatible with Mac and most of Windows PCs. The software permits you to access videos from camera security systems on your PC and also help to edit and transfer them to some external devices as said before.

Overall, you must bear in mind that only well set up and effective surveillance systems would help in securing your home.

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Utilizing Wireless Surveillance Systems

Different kinds of security cameras systems are available, these days. There are wireless and wired video surveillance systems. The wireless ones can be easily used for both outdoor and indoor purpose, since it is easy to install them. Other types are the wired security cameras systems, fake surveillance cameras, and hidden or covert surveillance cameras.

Outdoor surveillance cameras typically great protection like durable casting, sport mounting and metal visor, that can actually work in opposition to extreme weather conditions and other factors that might compromise the quality of the cameras. On the contrary, indoor security cameras systems need dry environment or weather. Dissimilarity between indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras is that some are wireless while some others are wired.

These are just some of the main differences between security cameras, yet, with disregard to the type, they are all made to guard and keep your property free from burglary and from other criminal activities.

Wireless video surveillance systems are believed to be more beneficial compared to wired security cameras systems. The majority of home security cameras don’t have wires that tend to cause difficulty during installation of the gadgets. The wired security cameras often need rewiring, most often than not, if they don’t work properly, which can actually take most of your energy and time.

Furthermore, burglars and criminals are sure to have a hard time while they try to deactivate the wireless security cameras systems due to the non-presence of wires to cut them.  The wireless video surveillance systems can never be disrupted while they offer great safety and security to your property.

More importantly, wireless security cameras systems can offer data to your computer that can be saved for later access. You can use these types of video surveillance systems even when you are far away from the gadget due to the fact that it can feed the data into your personal computer with much ease.

Therefore, if you choose and purchase video surveillance systems for your home, business or for other properties, you need to ensure that you get the perfect kind for the particular area wherein you want to install the cameras.

You must also take into consideration the benefits or advantages of a specific kind of surveillance system. Video surveillance systems must have the capability to identify suspicious individuals instantly to help you stay safe from burglars and criminals. These security cameras systems might be easy to operate and install too.

You must also contemplate the quality and the price of the video surveillance systems. It is highly recommended that you seek the advice of experts before purchasing surveillance systems. This will permit you to accomplish a surveillance system that is more appropriate to your security needs and preferences. Additionally, you will be able to save more time and energy, when you ask an expert. Most retailers suggest wireless security systems over the wired ones, since they are much practical to use and also to install.

Finally, it is up to you to decide on the type of surveillance that best suits your budget and your requirements.

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Various types of surveillance cameras

The fame and repute of video surveillance systems are on the rise, today. Particularly in the UK and the US, after the terrorist attacks that took place in both the countries in the recent times, surveillance camera systems are utilized more than ever, public places, for security reasons. Yet, some people oppose usage of surveillance camera systems and they state that this particular system can violate the rights of the people to have privacy. This is countered by people who are promoting usage of surveillance camera systems against crime especially when it comes to safety of the public, wherein safety wins against the privacy of the person.

These days, due to advancement in technology, video surveillance systems are way superior and they can be utilized with computers for much complex state of affairs too. They are efficient tools for various purposes of which some are listed below.

Crime prevention

Video surveillance systems were helpful in the London Underground bombings that took place on July 7, wherein a camera captured the image of the suspect.

Traffic safety

Making use of video surveillance systems in the road networks will offer the operators the ability to detect accidents and traffic congestions.

Industrial safety

Various industrial processes require observation since they cause conditions that are painful or deadly to human beings. Surveillance camera systems would permit the workers to monitor the process at a safer distance.

Home security and safety

These days, surveillance camera systems are available to any consumer who would wish to guard themselves and also their families or belongings.

With the various purposes of surveillance camera systems there is even a requirement for various kinds of these cameras to complete certain purposes.

Wireless video surveillance systems are one of the most typical surveillance tools that is used for both home and office use. They are fairly easy to set up. You can place the cameras anywhere in any position since they are wireless.

The opposite of the previous type of video surveillance systems are the wired surveillance cameras. Such types of cameras are utilized for permanent purpose and so they are installed permanently with the help of a wire. This is a perfect camera to be kept on a single location. Yet, they require professional help while installing.

The fake video surveillance systems, as the name suggests, have a fake camera. Yet, it is meant to trick people thinking that they are observed. It is actually a low-priced and economical option. The only downside is that if something takes place, the user will never get to know about it, since nothing was recorded during that time.

Covert or hidden surveillance camera systems can be kept hidden inside toys, pots of plants or even in household decorations or objects. It is helpful for people who do not wish anyone to know that they are actually being watched.

The night vision surveillance cameras are the latest on the list. They are specially made to record in low light or dark locations.

You need to determine the type of camera system that would best suit your needs and budget and then buy it from the best seller.

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