4 Strategic Locations to Place Your Security Cameras

Security Camera PTZMost people use security cameras for two basic reasons; deterrence and investigations. Images collected from security cameras are mostly used to review accident or crime to that one can understand what happened, and what to happen next. But the security cameras also have a deterrent value since people will ‘behave’ when they know that they are being watched closely.

In order to experience the maximum benefits of security cameras, the choice of location for the cameras becomes very important. Below are some strategic locations to place your security cameras;

Entrants and exits

The entrance and exit doors present the best chance of viewing and recording any facial image that could be important for investigation purposes. In order to get a good quality image, your security cameras should be set in a 3ft wide area (the width of average door).

When it comes to placing your security cameras towards the exit doors, care should be taken especially in consideration to the lighting conditions. When the door opens, there is a sudden change of lighting and when closed, the room sudden goes dark. This means that you may end up with a dark outline instead of a facial image when the capturing is done.

Customer transaction points

Sometimes, sorry to say, our employees can make things seem otherwise. Have you ever heard of underpriced of stock? It happens at the transaction point. Especially for the supermarkets and stores, some employees collaborates with s\customers to sell items at an under price. Security cameras should hence be placed in those points, including the teller stations, cash registers and kiosks. In addition, next to the entrances, security cameras can afford to give you best chances to capture investigative images. Here, try to keep your cameras approximately 7ft high facing directly to the area. If you place the camera too high, you may end up with nothing but heads tops.


Targets here include jewelry cabinets, drawers and filling cabinets. Th4se are the most common places a thief will target. In such a location, you need your security cameras to cover a wide location as possible.  Remember, the idea here is not much of identifying the person, but the quick response to crime. In these areas, security cameras can be mounted high so that they can reach down the drawers and cabinets.

Secluded areas

Back alleys and paring should always have security cameras in place. The images you need here are for investigative purposes of any violence or vandalism.  You can also place the security cameras in a visible place where the vandals can see them. This can act as a deterrent and potential criminals will have to think twice of what to do next, knowing that someone is watching them.


The above four areas are the most effected places which should be in dire need of security cameras.  Placing cameras strategically in such places will take advantage of deterring crimes in your business while ensuring everyone is safe.

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