Types of Surveillance Cameras

If a person really wants to safeguard his property as well as his family from the thieves and robbers, security camera systems are a must in both their offices as well as in their houses. From the name security camera systems itself, it gives the clear idea that the security system involves the usage of cameras to safeguard the property and people. The camera security systems are popular all around the world from developed and developing countries to even under developed countries. The camera security systems are found in each and every place that you look around you and in the places where the treat of robbery is high. You can see security camera systems in the shopping malls, super markets, stations, subway and even in offices. When it comes to the security camera systems, there are number of different type of cameras being used, each of them serving their own purposes.

There are number camera security systems around us that can been seen placed in different places. And to name a few, wireless cameras, bullet cameras, dummy cameras, dome cameras, IP cameras and day and night cameras. With just looking at their names, we can come to some conclusion about their usage and purposes. To note a fact the camera security systems do not have all the above cameras in the same place but in some cases more than one type of them are placed based on their usage.

For the camera security systems that use the day and night cameras, they need an infra red light as their source during the night to capture the image. These types of cameras give a very high resolution output and with the high resolution at the hand, the cameras requires a considerable amount of power supply and hence are in most cases found in high risk sectors like the banks and government offices. The use of the security camera systems is not only limited to the high risk and government areas but also for the usage of publics. With people cannot afford huge amounts in such systems, there are cameras that can help them out. The dummy cameras is a budget oriented one where the system actually do not have a camera mounted in them but pose like one being mounted. This system has largely decreased the number of thefts in the houses since robbers fear to enter the homes after seeing them.

Some security camera systems use the wireless cameras and the IP cameras and the latter being a faster growing one in the case of the home surveillance system. The IP cameras works based on transmitting the signal into a digital signal and transferring to a local system like the laptops where the user wants them to. This can be an advantage in the case where the user is on a vacation and wants to know that their house is safe. The camera security systems thus discussed can be surely a boom to the locals in living a safe and secure life than ever.

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